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Chickpea, Barley, and Feta Salad

Chickpea, Barley, and Feta Salad

Barley has nice heft and chew, but don’t feel limited—use cooked farro, quinoa, or brown rice if you prefer.


  • 8 oz. green beans, halved crosswise
  • 1 cup pearled, hulled, or hull-less barley
  • ¼ cup raw sunflower seeds
  • 1 15.5-oz. can chickpeas, rinsed
  • 2 tablespoons chopped fresh dill
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

Recipe Preparation

  • Cook green beans in a large pot of boiling salted water until crisp-tender, about 3 minutes. Using a sieve or a slotted spoon, transfer to a bowl of ice water.

  • Return water to a boil, add barley, and simmer until tender (refer to packaging for timing); drain. Let cool on a baking sheet.

  • Heat oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Cook sunflower seeds, tossing occasionally, until golden brown, about 5 minutes; let cool.

  • Toss green beans, barley, sunflower seeds, chickpeas, feta, dill, lemon juice, and vinaigrette in a large bowl.

,Photos by Christina Holmes

Nutritional Content

Calories (kcal) 560 Fat (g) 29 Saturated Fat (g) 6 Cholesterol (mg) 15 Carbohydrates (g) 60 Dietary Fiber (g) 16 Total Sugars (g) 5 Protein (g) 18 Sodium (mg) 760Reviews Section

Egyptian Barley Salad with Pomegranate and Feta

Egyptian Barley Salad with Pomegranate and Feta is an easy, healthy Mediterranean / Egyptian-inspired recipe! It&rsquos packed with flavor from warm spices, sweet raisins, savory scallions, and crunchy almonds. This vegetarian side or light main dish is easy to whip up in 15 minutes, can be made ahead, and is easily adaptable to be gluten-free and vegan.

Move over, all salad recipes. This Spiced Egyptian Barley salad takes the cake. The flavors are amazing!

Cumin, cinnamon, and maple syrup in the dressing. Plump sweet golden raisins and juicy pomegranate. Nutty cooked barley and crunchy almonds. Salty and pungent feta, scallions, and parsley. They all come together to form an epic taste explosion that you&rsquore going to love!

And best of all? It&rsquos easy to whip this Mediterranean salad up in only 15 minutes if you have already cooked barley. You can serve it as a side dish or main course, and you can make it ahead of time (the leftovers are great!).

This recipe was inspired by the &ldquoEgyptian Barley Salad&rdquo in the America&rsquos Test Kitchen Complete Mediterranean Cookbook. For more Egyptian recipe inspiration, check out the blog Kitchen Keys!

Mediterranean Barley Chickpea Salad | How To Make Barley Salad | Home Chef Recipe

Mediterranean Barley Chickpea Salad! If you're bored of the regular salads & want something zingy yet healthy for your next meal? Then this barley chickpea salad is just tailor-made for you! It has the base of healthy pearl barleys and various other ingredients such as olives, bell pepers, pine nuts, spinach that add the perfect crunch to this salad. So do try this healthilicious salad shown by Vindhya Karwa of @vinsplate

Recipe by -

&bull 1 cup dry pearl barley, washed and soak it in water
&bull 1 whole zucchini squash each chopped in big pieces
&bull 1 red and yellow bell pepper chopped in big pieces
&bull 1 bunch of baby spinach
&bull 8 to 10 cherry tomatoes
&bull 6 to 8 kalamata olives
&bull 1 onion thinly sliced
&bull salt and pepper to taste
&bull 1 tsp smoked paprika
&bull 1.5 tbsp Greek extra virgin olive oil
&bull 1 garlic clove crushed
&bull 2 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice
&bull Feta cheese, to taste (optional)
&bull Toasted pine nuts, to taste (optional)

1. Boil the barley. Barley should be chewy.
2. Sauté barley with garlic in a very little oil. Mix the smoked paprika. Keep it aside
3. Sauté bell peppers, zucchini, squash, cherry tomatoes in a very little oil again.
4. Transfer the cooked barley in a large bowl. Add the sautéed veggies to the barley. Add the olives, onions and the spinach leaves. Season with salt and pepper. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Toss to coat and combine.
5. Dress with lemon juice. Toss. If you like, top with crumbled feta and toasted pine nuts.
6. Serve it warm or cold! Enjoy.

Parsley Quinoa Chickpea Salad

Like the name indicates, this salad is full of healthy and delicious ingredients that you probably already have on hand. Moreover, this salad comes together quickly and requires little hands-on effort.

Firstly, you will need to cook the quinoa. You will need to cook about 1/2 a cup of quinoa, which will yield you about 1 1/2 cups of the cooked grain. If you already have cooked quinoa on hand, feel free to use that and skip this step in the instructions.

If you are unfamiliar with quinoa, it is a flowering plant from the amaranth family. The seeds are rich in dietary fiber, protein, B vitamins, and minerals. It’s very quick cooking (only 10-15 minutes) and adds a satisfying bite to recipes. One of my favorite brands is the Organic Quinoa, but you can find quinoa at nearly every grocery store.

The remainder of the recipe is simple. Just chop and add the ingredients to a large mixing bowl. You will need a very large bowl to mix this all together so I suggest getting out the biggest one you have!

I like to do a rough chop on the parsley. You don’t need to mince it like you would for other recipes. Additionally, if you are lacking an ingredient, feel free to omit it or use something else.

Basic Lemon and Olive Oil Dressing

The ingredients are the highlight of this salad, so I prefer to keep the dressing as simple as possible. Moreover, you don’t need to get out an extra bowl to make the dressing either.

Once all of the salad ingredients are combined in the bowl, simply squeeze on the lemon juice, pour on the olive oil, and add in the salt and minced garlic. That’s it! Toss the entire salad together and taste for seasonings.

Note that the salad should probably sit for a couple of hours before serving, if you can wait that long! At that point, you should toss again and adjust for seasonings as needed.

Healthy Make-Ahead Salads

There are many different healthy make-ahead salads that won’t wilt or get soggy in the refrigerator. Some of the best are:

  • Kale Quinoa Salad has golden raisins, kale, garlic, and quinoa.
  • Farro Tabbouleh Salad is made with a heart healthy ancient grain and uses parsley and tomatoes.
  • Kale Cranberry Feta Salad is a holiday staple and is full of delicious flavors and textures.
  • Strawberry Blueberry Spinach Salad has a delicious poppyseed dressing and so many fun summertime flavors.
  • Brussels Sprouts Salad with Fetais another holiday favorite using raw sliced Brussels sprouts and golden raisins.

I hope you love this recipe for Parsley Quinoa Chickpea Salad. One bite and you’ll be sure to add it your salad recipe rotation!

Frequently Asked Questions

It lasts up to 5 days in an airtight container in the fridge.

You can substitute dried thyme, oregano, and/or parsley if you can’t find za’atar. It won’t taste quite the same but it will come pretty close.

You can put grilled chicken or beef on top, serve on its own as a light meal, or as a side with steak, shish kabobs, or salmon.

Sure can! You just might want to increase the dressing, too.

My readers really enjoy both the Barley Black Bean Salad and Brown Rice Greek Salad in addition to this chickpea salad recipe.

With protein from the chickpeas, vitamins and minerals from the veggies, and flavor from the lemon and za’atar, you really can’t go wrong with this salad.

A Tangy Marinade That Doubles as a Dressing

The star of this salad is the Greek-inspired dressing, made with lemon zest and juice, dried oregano, red wine vinegar, and olive oil. Before it dresses the salad, though, it acts as a marinade for the feta and chickpeas, infusing them with bright and tangy flavor as you cool the farro and prep the veggies. The garlic and shallot are also mixed in — the vinegar-y bath helps mellow their sharp bite.

When the rest of the salad is assembled, you’ll pour the feta and chickpea mixture and every last drop of the marinade overtop, then toss everything together. In the fridge, the flavors continue to mingle and intensify, which is why this salad is so great as a make-ahead option for lunch (or dinner). Just be sure to add your avocado right before serving.

Chickpea, Barley, and Feta Salad - Recipes

With the onset of December comes the beginning of the party season. After a week of over-indulgence, I needed something healthy and fortifying, yet filling enough to stop me reaching for a bacon sandwich. This salad is all about the combination of textures: soft and chewy barley, bulghar wheat and plump chickpeas. This was mostly due to what was in my cupboard, so feel free to play around with the grains, try lentils, couscous or brown rice.

Now, a bowl of barley, bulghar wheat and chickpeas can be fairly unimpressive so I dressed it with loads of herbs: parsley, mint and coriander, and it is worth having all three as each one adds their own little flavour. A handful of shredded spinach, some sweet roasted cherry tomatoes and a little crumbled feta make this into something really tasty. After the success of this salad, I’m thinking of variations of these recipes for something a little healthier and filling.

200g pearl barley, cooked
100g bulghar wheat, cooked
1 tin chickpeas, drained
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
handful each of parsley, mint and coriander, chopped
250g cherry tomatoes, halved and roasted
2 handfuls spinach, shredded
½ lemon, juice only
4tbsp olive oil
100g feta or goats cheese, crumbled

Once you’ve cooked the barley and bulghar wheat, this is basically an assembly job.

Mix all the ingredients, except the lemon juice and olive oil, together in a bowl.

Squeeze over the lemon juice and add the olive oil, stir well and season to taste, remember you’ll be adding feta so go easy on the salt. It might also need a little more olive oil or lemon juice.

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I have been making this recipe since it has been published and fine that it has great flavors that get better if the salad is allowed to sit before serving. The cumin seed dressing is the key to this recipe. I add an extra clove of garlic.

Tasted good and worth trying, but not sure if worth making a second time. I simply used cumin powder rather than toasting seeds and making the cumin oil. Maybe not as good, but close enough in this case. I also added an extra clove of garlic. I can see why some reviewers who added new ingredients and made it their own had better results. I thought it was just okay as is.

Pretty nice basic recipe. It really does need some more flavor, though. Red onions, diced bell peppers feta, cherry tomatoes, olives, those sorts of things. That's a different recipe, though. As is, it's fine. Just a bit boring.

A good beany salad that's a tasty addition to a larger meal or a potluck (and very pretty). The sundried tomatoes add color and texture but not much flavor. I had some salad left over and put it all (except the cucumbers) in a processor, added some tahini and some more cumin (ground) and made hummus. That was a bonus and turned out great.

This is pretty epic. I added a bit of labne thinned with lemon juice to this because i had some in the fridge but it was epic without it, too. i just finished off the bit that was left for lunch today and it was still great even refrigerated overnight. this will be my vegetarian go-to dish for sure.

My problem with this dish is the cumin seed. You cannot really taste them, unless you happen to bite into one, in which case it overpowers everything else. I guess I just find the cumin taste too harsh for such a light, fresh salad - I will leave it out next time.

This was a very flavorful, simple recipe. I basically made it as the recipe indicated, although I did increase the cucumber, and added some pomegrante seeds, which proved to be a wonderful addition, while keeping it true to its ethnicity.

I made this recipe 2 days in advance, added the cucumber a day in advance, and sent it off to a party. It was delicious, and held up well. I agree with other reviewers, it would make a great base for other flavours, such as feta, other vegetables such as peppers or fresh tomatoes.

I love chickpeas but I found this dish terribly flat. The flavors didn't meld well together. I'm always looking for new non-meat protein dishes. there are better ones here!

Made this for a bbq and received rave reviews. The cumin seeds make the dish. Also tasted much better after sitting for AT LEAST 4-5 hours.

I've made this dish a few times for picnics and BBQs. People always love it! It's easy, takes very little time and quite healthy.

Really enjoyed it and easy to make!

This would get three forks if it weren't so easy -- but it was so flexible and yummy that it gets four as a weeknight dinner or a side. I made it toward the end of the week and had some grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, and feta left over from previous meals, so those went in, in addition to everything else the recipe calls for. Except I didn't have cumin seed, so just used ground. Also, I didn't really measure anything. Anyway, it was bangin', nice to get rid of stuff that would have otherwise gone bad, and had an incredible layered flavor due to the different densities and textures of everything in it. Served it with brown basmati rice and grocery store naan. The Boyfriend could stop eating.

This recipe is totally delicious. I didn't have any sundried tomatoes around and used fresh tomatoes instead and it was very good. I also substituted parsley with cilantro (which i love and had lying around) and it gave it excellent flavor. Would definitely make again!

This is a easy yet zesy and vibrant salad that not only looks fantastic,great texture and a fresh taste that is enjoyed by all.

I've made this twice now. We love the blend of flavors & how good it is for you. It's one of my hubby's favorites. I did put a little less than a tablespoon of cumin (it was a little strong for me) and I liked it much better the second time.

I made this for a few colleagues -- many of whom had never tried Mediterranean food -- and it was a hit! I added more sundried tomatoes and hot pepper than the recipe recommends adds for more kick. My colleagues couldn't get enough! I would definitely make this again.

Even better the next day, and a snap to make. which add up to a great dish for picnics or entertaining. I used more than 1/3 c. of sun-dried tomatoes. It did get soupy at the bottom of the bowl, so drain those tomatoes well (paper towels work nicely) and go easy on the olive oil.

A good summer salad. The tomatoes were a little lost, I would substitute greek olives instead. The Cumin oil added an interesting flavor.

This is a simple, delicious recipe. I wouldn't change a thing.

I simmered the pepper flakes and garlic with the olive oil to extract more flavor. Also added a bit of lemon zest. I used unmarinated sundried tomatoes, but would have preferred more flavorful marinated (though well-drained) ones.

Okay, but not something I'll make again.

Made this again for lunch today. I didn't have any garlic in the house, but added dijon mustard for some zip. It was great. I like it both ways. This salad really makes a nice presentation on a platter of mixed greens.


Excellent. Teens and adults loved this. Very easy. Tossed parsley, garlic and drained, sun-dried tomatoes in the food processor for even easier prep. Definitely a keeper.

Curried Barley & Chickpea Salad

Jump to Recipe

Welcome to my blog. It is great to have you here.

I am excited to share this blogging journey with you and to invite you into my kitchen and my culinary adventures! As mentioned in my bio (here), my intention is to share with you quick, simple, easy and delicious recipes.

I have always enjoyed cooking and experimenting with ingredients but I don’t like spending hours in the kitchen. As a result, I prefer dishes that I can prepare in about 30 minutes. unless I’m entertaining.

So full disclosure, I love salads!

A good salad can stand on its own with your choice of protein on the side or as a main, with your protein incorporated into the salad itself. When one mentions salad, most people tend to immediately think greens, or lettuce. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can turn almost anything into a salad and you can eat them either hot or cold.

I created this recipe after a recent trip to visit family. More on that in my next post. I am now in love with barley (yes that’s a strong word) and have added it to my pantry staples. It is nutrient-dense with a chewy and nutty flavour.

Coconut Curried Barley

This was my second attempt at cooking barley and I came up with this salad recipe which received rave reviews. Yay.

This lovely, flavourful salad is amazing and nutritious. It is packed with Vitamin C, lycopene from the tomatoes, fibre from the barley and protein from the chickpeas.

To make the barley the star of this recipe, either add about 1/2 cup of the curried barley. Alternatively, you can halve the amount of the cucumbers, chickpeas and peppers. Note that this will affect the number of servings you will get.

Note that I didn’t pair a dressing with this salad given the ingredients. The curry and coconut barley, feta and olives are already flavourful. But feel free to add a dressing of your choice.

I’d recommend a light oil-based vinaigrette over a creamy dressing with this recipe.

Watch the video: Mediterranean Chickpea Salad