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Diplomat cake

Diplomat cake

In a small bowl put gelatin with a glass of warm water and leave until use.

We prepare the cream where in a bowl we add the 5 yolks, 2 lg flour, the sugar sugar and we mix with the whisk and slowly we add the milk and we beat well until we no longer have lumps.

Put the pot on the fire and let it boil for a few minutes until the cream thickens.

Let it cool but ATTENTION the cream must not be completely cold but warm.

Once the cream has cooled a little, add the gelatin to the cream and mix with the whisk until it dissolves completely in the cream.

Once the gelatin is dissolved in the cream, leave it to cool until use.

We start by cutting the fruit into pieces and the pineapple must be drained in a sieve some time ago.

On the plate where we form the cake we use the ring of a round baking tray where we place it in the center and on the walls of the cake we add a biscuit soaked in pineapple syrup and place them on the walls of the cake ring and form the bottom as well with syrupy biscuits.

Do not completely soak the biscuits in syrup as they will soften too much.

Beat the whipped cream hard and start adding little by little the cream that I left it cold until we add it all to the cream and mix well until it has incorporated well into the whipped cream.

We start by preparing a layer of whipped cream with cream at the base of the cake and then a layer of fruit, we continue like this until we finish both the composition and the whipped cream!

I also decorated the cake with fruit!

I didn't take off the cake ring until the next day because it has to stay cold for at least 6 hours or overnight!