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Chocolate donut dessert

Chocolate donut dessert

In a small bowl, we have to put the yeast together with 60 ml of milk. Stir gently until the yeast dissolves in the milk. Put the rest of the milk together with the sugar and vanilla essence in a saucepan and let it simmer until the sugar melts.

In a bowl, put flour, egg, melted butter, yeast and salt. We start to knead the dough until smooth. Add the oil and knead it until it is no longer sticky. Cover the bowl in which we put the dough and leave it to rise for an hour. Sprinkle the flour on the work table and spread the dough with a rolling pin. Using a glass, cut the donuts.

Put the oil in a large pan and let it heat up. We add the donuts. We leave them until they brown nicely on both sides. We take them out on absorbent napkins. We do this until we finish frying all the donuts. Using a pos, fill the donuts with nutella. At the end, sprinkle powdered sugar over them. They are very good!


Donuts are probably universal in any culinary culture. They are good in any combination. These with chocolate are very good.
-500g flour,
-50 g sugar,
-50 g butter,
-2 eggs,
-30 g yeast,
-a cup of milk, 300 ml
- chocolate cream for the filling
-salt, vanilla, orange peel and grated lemon, powdered sugar for the finish.
Make a plamadeala (mayonnaise) from a little warm milk and yeast. In another bowl mix eggs, salt, sugar, flour and of course the dough. Knead well, and finally mix the melted butter. The dough must contain air bubbles in the section. Leave to rise for about half an hour, to allow it to increase in volume. Spread a sheet, cut the slices with a glass and put the chocolate. From another sheet, other slices are formed, with which the ones are covered with chocolate and they are well combined so that the composition does not come out from the inside when fried. Leave to rise for another 15 minutes, then fry in hot oil and press powdered sugar. Enjoy your meal!
As you can see, I had help with both cooking and eating.


Wow how rich !! And what a handsome helper you have and also to eat.
A kiss.

I really like this idea. I've never tried it. At the first opportunity I will do it.


Eggless chocolate cake

Eggless chocolate cake is a perfect choice when you want a very quick dessert.

I have prepared this chocolate cake many times and I really liked it decorated with dark chocolate cream, even if it is sweeter. Her appearance is very attractive and she is delicious, writes

& # 8211 Fluffy donuts

Yeasted doughs are surely not my thing. The kneading part is not something I enjoy, especially since my stand mixer broke. Yet, I love brioche and its texture and richness are sure worth the effort! Mind you, these brioche donuts sure worth the effort! They rise so much and are so fluffy! Like unbelievably fluffy! These golden brown, sugary brioche donuts are a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. They surely made it to my top recipes and I just can’t wait for a new chance to make them.

Brioche is a type of French pastry that has a high content of egg and butter which give it richness and a tender crumb. Brioche dough is basically a bread dough to which we add sugar, flavorings and great amount of eggs and butter for both a better taste and a better texture. So brioche is a basic dough in French pastry, one that is versatile and can be made with dried fruits or chocolate chips inside or simply baked or fried as it is. I love the fact that you can be very creative once you & # 8217ve made the dough. It can be served as a dessert, but chefs have paired it with savory foods as well. It makes a great pair with foie gras or sausages for instance, but also a great support for sandwiches.

The first use of the word Brioche dates back to the XVth century when it was described as a spiced bread and it was considered a bread that was improved by generations of pastry chefs. In time however, by adding more and more eggs, butter or fruits, brioche became more of a dessert and less a bread for day-to-day use. Pate a brioche became a basic dough in French pastry and many products were developed having it as a base. Brioche became famous in 1782 when Jean-Jacques Rousseau & # 8217s autobiography was published. Between its pages, the writer states that a great princess is said to have advised, with regard to peasants not having bread to eat, & # 8220Let them eat brioche & # 8221 which then became & # 8220let them eat cake & # 8221. The saying made sense back then however, because brioche was common in parishes across the United Kingdom as blessed bread.

Donuts with baked chocolate

I used fresh yeast to make it fluffier. I crushed the yeast in a bowl. After that I mixed it with a teaspoon of sugar, a tablespoon of flour and 4 tablespoons of warm milk from the whole amount of milk, I covered it with a napkin and let it rise for 10 minutes. In a large bowl I first put the salt (so as not to come into direct contact with the yeast) over which I put the sifted flour twice, made a hole in the middle of the flour and added the yolks, leavened yeast, sugar and vanilla sugar. , orange peel and oil, after which I began to knead slowly, gradually adding warm milk.

I kneaded for about 5 minutes until I got a compact dough, after which I started to add a tablespoon of melted butter. I did not add another tablespoon of melted butter until the previously added butter was completely incorporated into the dough. The troubled operation took me about 30 minutes.
I got a soft and non-sticky dough, slightly greasy from butter. You can also make the dough at the bread machine or at a food processor. I shook his hand.

I placed it in a bowl greased with a little oil, covered it with cling film and left it to rise in a warm place for an hour.

I overturned the dough on the work table, I kneaded it for about 3-4 minutes to get all the air out of it.
It is good to prepare the chocolate a few hours before or best the day before. It is used to make the filling, which is very similar to that of chocolate truffles. :)
In a saucepan I put the liquid cream together with the sugar and brought it to the boil. I took the pan off the heat, immediately put the broken dark chocolate pieces and mixed vigorously until I obtained a fine and silky composition. I also added the egg yolk together with the vanilla sugar and the rum essence. After mixing well, I let the composition cool to room temperature, then I put it in the fridge until the next day.
The next day the chocolate was hard, I was able to shape the balls as in the picture below. I formed 10 balls the size of a ping pong ball.

In order for the donuts to come out all the same, we weighed all the dough and divided it evenly. For each donut in this I calculated a piece of dough about 110 g each. You can make them smaller and of course, more will come out.
I took a piece of 110 g dough, pressed it with the palm of my hand and put a chocolate ball in its center. I closed the ball of dough, and I took care to gather the dough well without making wrinkles so that the chocolate does not come out during baking.

These are the donuts formed and placed on the tray before leavening. I put them on the baking tray covered with baking paper and left them to rise for 20 minutes. I heated the oven to 190 degrees Celsius, greased the donuts with the yolk mixed with milk and put them in the oven for 25 minutes. You know how to bake your oven, 25-30 minutes are enough to bake these donuts.

I let them cool slightly on a kitchen grill. It wouldn't have been good, but I served them warm.

Chocolate dessert

- Grease the inside surface of Ramekin dishes.
- Preheat the oven to 195 degrees c.

- Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl in Bain - Marie, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until the composition becomes homogeneous. Allow the composition to cool slightly (about 10 minutes - in the meantime the next "steps" can be performed).

- Mix in a mixing bowl (preferably high but with a smaller diameter), at high speed, eggs, the two yolks and the sugar until the volume of the composition increases several times (about 6 minutes).

- Gradually add the mixture of chocolate and butter previously prepared. Mix at low speed until the composition becomes homogeneous.

- Gradually add flour (in 2-3 steps) and lightly incorporate with a wooden spoon by turning (not mixing). It is important that the flour is completely incorporated into the composition and the latter is finally homogeneous.

- Put the mixture in equal amounts in the previously prepared Ramekin dishes (the composition increases during baking and for this reason it is necessary that the dishes are not full - keep about 2 cm free up to the upper limit of the bowl).

- Ramekin dishes are placed in the preheated oven. Bake the composition for about 20-25 minutes (during this time the composition grows a little and its surface cracks).

- Dessert can be served directly from Ramekin dishes or overturned on a plate. Optionally, agave syrup (as preferred), almond flakes or ice cream can be added to the surface (along with ice cream, the dessert is served hot).
For the thermal preparation of the dessert you need Ramekin dishes / individual heat-resistant forms for the oven.

The mentioned ingredients are necessary for 4-6 servings depending on the size of the Ramekin dishes used

The dessert is well cooked if the outside is slightly crispy and the inside has a creamy consistency.


Gogosi raw vegan

After many attempts in our laboratory, we managed to bring to light the long-awaited raw vegan donuts. We use psylium bran in their composition, it gives your body an important contribution of fiber and gives you the feeling of satiety for a longer time. A unique taste and design for lovers of sugar-free sweets. They are a wonderful snack for people who fast, but also for those who are very attentive to their daily diet.

Who is Veganzza?

Veganzza is raw and raw vegan dessert. It is passion and joy and love to do things right. All in one place. Veganzza is about offering our customer the best experience with a raw dessert. Cakes, cakes without sugar, without gluten, without lactose, without eggs. And yet, so tasty and suitable for children and adults. Great for vegetarians or for fasting periods, for people with celiac disease or lactose intolerance or egg allergy.

Who is NOT Veganzza?

We overcome every day with a new challenge for our clients. Veganzza is NOT the right choice for you if you are indifferent to the quality of the product you consume, if you do not care where the ingredients used come from and if you want to find the same product with the lowest price on the market. But even so, we are at your disposal for an open discussion and maybe for a recommendation.

Our desserts:
  • are made with certified organic ingredients
  • do not contain refined sugar, gluten, dairy and eggs, dyes, preservatives
  • can be offered to children from the age of 1 year
  • are suitable for vegetarians and fasting people
  • they are made by hand, so that their appearance may differ from the photos on the site
  • store at 2-4 ºC. It is recommended to be consumed within a maximum of 3 days from the date of thawing. They are kept in the refrigerator, in a closed container.

Donuts with chocolate

Super recipe. I tried with all the ingredients cut in half (in case I failed) and I want to say that some very good gogs came out. I recommend you try!

• 02.05.2011 01:14:56

I recommend you try it because it is good. I just finished, they came out soooo (for the first time my donuts came out well). Dragos and I thought it came out a little soft crust but I added a little extra flour and it came out well, I spread it on the table without flour and it did not stick to my hands (sour cream that I forgot to add). who put the recipe wanted to give an example of how to make them. I made with Finetti, white chocolate and cheese, super good. : X

• 04.12.2010 19:17:44

Do not try this recipe.
After 30 minutes of leaving the dough to rise, stick to your hands to get your headache. You also need to add approx. 100-150 g of flour and knead so that it comes off your hands. For now, I let it grow. I hope there will be no more surprises as I throw away the recipe.
Stop posting nonsense recipes. Don't give your opinion if you don't know how.

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Donuts with cinnamon and chocolate sauce

Boil the whipped cream and pour it over the broken chocolate. Stir until all the chocolate has melted. Set it aside.

Sift the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Separately, mix the egg with the butter and milk. Put two thirds of this mixture over the dry ingredients and mix. Gradually add the rest of the egg, butter and milk mixture and mix well until you get a fine dough. Knead for 5 minutes then set aside for 20 minutes.

Roll out the dough, leaving a thickness of 3 cm. Using a special shape or a glass, cut 3 cm circles and set them aside.

Heat the oil and place the dough circles. Fry them for 8-10 minutes until golden brown. Drain them on kitchen paper and pass them through the sugar mixed with cinnamon. Serve hot with chocolate sauce.

For the chocolate sauce:
125 ml liquid cream
100 g dark chocolate, broken
For donuts:
100 g sugar
280 g flour
10 g baking powder
5 g nutmeg
2 g salt
1 or
15 g butter, melted
125 ml milk
For the glaze:
100 g sugar
10 g cinnamon


2 eggs
1 cup sugar
70g of unsweetened chocolate
40g melted butter
21g yeast (1/2 cup)
2/3 cup milk
3 1/2 cups sifted flour
6 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
fat for deep frying

Method of preparation:

1. Sift the flour into a bowl, make a hole in the middle and add the sugar, salt and lemon peel. Beat the egg and pour it, along with the butter, over the edge of the flour. Dissolve the yeast in warm milk and mix.
2. Add the yeast milk to the other ingredients in the bowl and knead everything with the mixer spirals until you get a sticky dough. Cover and let it rise for 30 minutes in a warm place.
3. Knead the dough well for 5 minutes on a surface sprinkled with flour, then let it rise for 15 minutes. Spread a sheet of dough with a thickness of 12 mm, then cut the donuts with a circular cookie cutter or a donut stamp on which the inner circle was removed.
4. Heat the fat in a large saucepan. When it forms bubbles on a wooden spoon, it is hot enough. Fry the donuts in fat until golden. Take them out and drain them on a napkin.

5. After frying and cooling, use a well-sharpened circular knife to cut the donuts and inject the melted chocolate with a cone.