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Soft chocolate

Soft chocolate

It is very important to prepare the oven, preheat it to 210 degrees.

Beat the soft butter with the mixer together with the sugar until it becomes creamy.

Melt the chocolate in a sea bath or in the microwave (maybe on the stove, but then we have to leave about 50 grams of butter to melt it together with the chocolate)

In the whipped butter, add one egg at a time, you have to mix after each one so that it blends well.

When finished with eggs, add melted chocolate and salt powder.

Mix and now we will add flour.

Mix the composition well and pour it into molds.

Depending on the size of the shapes, 4 -6 pieces come out.

It can also be made in muffin tins.

Put in the oven and in 8-10 minutes they are ready.

Do not leave them longer because they will no longer have a creamy consistency in the middle

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