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America’s Top 25 Barbecue Chains 2017

America’s Top 25 Barbecue Chains 2017

You voted, we tallied, and here’s how the restaurants stack up

Find out where Jim N' Nick's BBQ fell on our list.

We know there’s probably a shack in your neck of the woods that makes the nation’s best barbecue, and we probably can’t sway your opinion otherwise. There are loyalists to every iteration of barbecue this country has to offer, whether it’s North Carolina’s vinegary sauce or Kansas City’s tomato-based version. Some even eschew sauces entirely.

America's Top 25 Barbecue Chains (Slideshow)

However, there are some joints with multiple locations that are doing quality work. We rounded up a 70-member list of the nation’s chains and put out the call for votes. More than 100 of you heeded that call. For the third year, you voted; we listened.

Calling these places “chains” could inspire thoughts of artificial smoke and less-than-quality meats, but that’s not the case. Instead, these respected brands with multiple locations under the same banner are doing slow-smoked meats that guests can watch cook and crafting irresistible house sauces. Find out where your favorite stacks up.