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Australian pancakes - Pikelets

Australian pancakes - Pikelets

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Put flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a bowl.

Add milk, egg and sugar.

Mix and add the melted butter.

Fry in a nonstick pan.

Get rid of depression without resorting to medical treatment!

Generated by stress and failure of all kinds, depression can be prevented especially through the care we constantly give to our diet and health, being a condition that often has physiological causes, which usually lead to overload of the liver or pancreas. .

A diet rich in processed products, fried foods and sugar or saturated fats is often responsible for the onset of depression, a change in diet can significantly improve the quality of life in a relatively short time.

Fresh, raw foods are one of the classic remedies for depression, especially brightly colored ones, managing to change the bad mood almost miraculously. In reality, however, certain enzymes, flavonoids and minerals contained especially in vegetables supply the body with extra energy and can thus drive away depression in record time.

Whole grains, due to their high serotonin content, are another important food in the treatment of depression, their crunchy and cheerful appearance can often drive away our phobias and fears. Pizza and other fast food have the same effect, but in their case it is not a lasting improvement but only a temporary one.

Salads composed of various ingredients, some of them necessarily brightly colored and with a natural scent serve wonderfully to ward off depression, similarly acting with fruit yogurt or exotic fruit salads. They do not have to contain a lot of sugar, but a little sweet will be better than nothing.

For depressed people, eating should be done flawlessly, with dirt, clutter and noise having a negative effect on the dancing psyche. It is not even recommended to listen to relaxing music during daily meals, but you can converse easily if patients want it.

The kitchen must be well lit and airy, as must the other rooms, and the presence in nature will always bring a plus of good for depressives. Plants, whether they are indoors or are present outside, in their natural environment, have a beneficial role and here the vivid colors can bring certain changes for the better.

Proper nutrition, preferably fresh and eaten both raw and cooked, is essential for relieving the symptoms of depression, and sufferers can more easily overcome their health problems in this way, while regaining many useful habits for their subsequent integration into society.

Along with dietary measures, it is mandatory to assume some changes in the general lifestyle, everything that is considered inappropriate for a healthy person having a much deeper impact on those suffering from depression.

For this reason, people who are with the patient must show a balanced behavior and a positive mindset, so they can speed up healing as effectively as food or medical treatment, where necessary.


Salmon pancakes are a delicious and easy to make appetizer. If you had no idea how to cook salmon.

Pancakes with spinach

Spinach pancakes are a simple and tasty recipe that can be made whenever you lack ideas for.

Fasting pancakes

Who says that in fasting you can't indulge in a delicious and quick dessert? We offer you the recipe for pancakes.

Potato pancakes

Potato pancakes are very filling appetizers, which can be served hot or cold, as desired.

Milk-free pancakes

If you lack milk from the fridge or have an intolerance to this food, you can prepare some pancakes as well.

Greek pancakes

Do you want to bring Greek flavors into your kitchen? Try the delicious Greek pancakes, which are very easy to prepare.

Pancakes in the oven

Baked pancakes are a sophisticated dessert that you can prepare on weekends, when the whole family gathers.

Persian pancakes

Persian pancakes are an easy-to-prepare Iranian delicacy and an alternative to classic Romanian pancakes or.

Fluffy pancakes

Fluffy pancakes are quick to prepare and can be filled with jam, honey, ice cream or chocolate cream.

Sicilian pancakes

Sicilian pancakes are a unique way to turn classic pancakes into a new, delicious and sweet dessert!

Crepes Suzette

Crepes Suzette is a French-inspired dessert, highly appreciated in the kitchens of large restaurants.

How to make the best pancake cake

If you set out to impress your family and friends with a delicious dessert, but you don't want to do anything.

Pikelets (Australian pancakes)

Pikelets are pancakes from Australian lands, extremely easy to make, but with a delicious taste! Are.

Pancake cake

Ordinary pancakes can turn into a sophisticated dessert, if you choose to prepare a cake from them.

Andreea Ibacka, the first statements about the second task: "I try to.

Adela Popescu, arguing in the park with a mother: It annoys me how kind I am.

Why some children cry over anything and what to do

Today opens the Baby Boom Virtual Show, the largest online fair for.

A bag for a walk with a child - How to choose?

Nutritionist Liana Contiu: When is it good to take measures regarding your child's weight?

Armenian Cake with Nutmeg and Nuts

Mix the sugar (* which if it is normal white the cake comes out lighter in color and if you use brown sugar will come out more colorful) with flour, baking powder and then butter, the dough should be crumble-like, crumbly.

Divide the dough into two equal parts, put half of it in a pan greased with butter and lined with breadcrumbs, flour or baking paper and press to form a compact top.

Over the second half of the crumbly dough pour the egg (** which in the vegetarian version you can replace with yogurt), the milk in which you dissolved the baking soda and add the nutmeg (*** I put only half a teaspoon, so choose the amount after to your taste), mix with the mixer or pear-shaped target. You don't have to get a very fine dough, there are still lumps left in the crumbly dough.

Pour this dough which is very soft, liquid, a little thicker than the pancake dough.

Over, add the walnut kernel or cut into larger pieces or simply garnish with circular walnut halves.

Put the tray in the oven already heated to 170-180 ° c and bake for 30-35 minutes or as needed, test with the toothpick that should come out clean and dry. I baked more, about 40 minutes

Allow to cool before cutting and serve the cake.
Known on the net especially in the English language pages (American and Australian) as the Armenian nutmeg cake, after which I searched as much as I could with a search translated by google into Armenian on google. I tend to think it's an Armenian diaspora cake. The origin is less important, but the taste is grade 10.

Even if baked "in one go" it actually has two layers: one at the base crispy like a cheesecake top and one soft and fluffy like a pound cake even though the ingredients are not the same. There would also be a third layer - that of nuts on the surface.

Fluffy pancakes

fluffy pancakes
Do you want to make fluffy American-style pancakes at home? It is not difficult at all. They are prepared in just a few minutes and are absolutely delicious. [..] Other information about: preparation of fluffy pancakes, fluffy pancakes, pancakes

Pancakes - The secret of the tastiest and fluffiest American pancakes!

fluffy pancakes
American pancakes, known as pancakes, are without a doubt the best pancakes in the world. However, home-cooked dishes often do not have the same consistency as those purchased from restaurants. [..] Other information about: the secret of American pancakes, fluffy pancakes, American pancakes, pancakes

How to make the best pancakes in the world. Recipe that does not fail

fluffy pancakes
Pancakes are one of the easiest desserts to prepare. However, no matter how simple the recipe seems, not everyone manages to make those pancakes worthy of licking your fingers. Here are some tricks that will help you put on the table the fluffiest and tastiest pancakes possible: [..] Other information about: adi hadean pancakes, pancake ingredients, dessert recipes, pancake recipes, American pancakes, pancakes

Simple tricks to prepare the tastiest and fluffiest pancakes

fluffy pancakes
The pancake dough is used both for preparing the best desserts and for preparing appetizers. Here are some tricks to prepare the best pancakes! [..] Other information about: savory pancakes, sweet pancakes, pancake tips, pancake preparation, pancake recipes, culinary tips, pancakes

Diet pancakes, super fluffy. Cori Gramescu's recipe

fluffy pancakes
Nutritionist Cori Gramescu has been very active on social networks since the pandemic started. He keeps his followers up to date with everything he does, but he also offers them a lot of advice on how to lead a healthier life. Recently, Cori Gramescu published on her social media page a recipe for diet pancakes, super fluffy and delicious. [..] Other information about: diet pancakes, gramophone choirs, pancakes

Perfect pancake tricks

fluffy pancakes
Pancakes are some of the simple and fun desserts to prepare, but they still hide some secrets that make them come out fluffier and tastier! Even if your favorite step in making pancakes is throwing them in the pan, for the return, until then, it is important to know how to prepare a pancake dough of grade 10! We offer you the simplest and most useful tricks in this regard! [..] Other information about: pancakes, beer, eggs, pancake tricks

How to make the best American pancakes

fluffy pancakes
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American corn pancakes with vegetables, a quick, fasting recipe

fluffy pancakes
American corn pancakes with vegetables are a tasty fasting dish, ready in just a few minutes. Traditionally, they are served with onion rings and fried green tomatoes. [..] Other information about: fasting pancakes, appetizer pancakes, vegetable pancakes, American pancakes, fasting recipes


fluffy pancakes
Pikelets is the name given to Australian pancakes, which are extremely tasty and fluffy. [..] Other information about: pancakes, recipes, desserts, Australian pancakes, pikelets

Pancakes with apricots and honey

fluffy pancakes
Pancakes with apricots and honey are ideal for a weekend breakfast. They are fluffy, fragrant and easy to prepare. You can also serve them with jam or jam. [..] Other information about: pancakes, recipes, honey, desserts, apricots, pancakes with apricots

7 unique ways to use beer in cooking

fluffy pancakes
Do you want to give more flavor and tenderness to the grilled steak, to give a unique taste to the bread, and to make your pancakes fluffier? Beer is the key ingredient in all these recipes and more. Turn beer into the secret of taste in your kitchen. Here are some recipes that should not be missing! [..] Other information about: recipes with pork, beer, culinary tips, cooking with beer, shrimp with beer

Where we have breakfast in Bucharest

fluffy pancakes
Delicious omelettes, chocolate muffins, butter and jam, hot coffee and hot chocolate are the ingredients for a perfect breakfast. In Bucharest there are several cafes and bistros waiting for you with delicious dishes for the most important meal of the day. [..] Other information about: chocolate shop, breakfast, cafes in Bucharest

How to make simple doughs

fluffy pancakes
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Secret ingredients for successful dishes

fluffy pancakes
Great chefs always have secret ingredients for the most popular dishes, tested over time in all corners of the world. The special aroma given by certain herbs and spices completely changes the taste of meat and various sauces. [..] Other information about: kitchen ingredients, culinary tips, culinary secrets

4 reasons to prepare cans

fluffy pancakes
From the beginning of summer until late autumn, housewives compete in the preparation of all kinds of preserves, jams and fragrant jams. [..] Other information about: cooking tips, canning, canning preparation, preservation benefits

10 ways to become a creative chef

fluffy pancakes
The best chefs are those who see cooking as a passion, not as a task to be fulfilled. And like any artist who respects his occupation and talent, a good chef seeks to become better and better at combining flavors and textures in the kitchen. The following ways you can become more creative when cooking can inspire you every day! [..] Other information about: recipes, creativity, practical advice, creative chef

Cool cafes in the Old Center of Bucharest

fluffy pancakes
On cool autumn days, a hot and aromatic coffee will warm you and make you feel good. If you go with dear friends you will have some moments of relaxation and joy. You can choose a cafe in the Old Center, where you will find a warm and intimate atmosphere. [..] Other information about: bucharest, old center, cafes

Calories breaded fluffy slices of rice Nutrizzia

fluffy pancakes
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Recipe for children: Clown pancakes

fluffy pancakes
If you are used to making pancakes for the whole family, surprise the children and prepare some pancakes with clown girls. To create clown faces, use ingredients you have around the house. [..] Other information about: pancakes, tomatoes, oranges, eggs, recipes for children

Quick and tasty: Fluffy cheese balls

fluffy pancakes
Fluffy cheese balls are the ideal hot appetizer for festive meals, so they should not be missing from the plates prepared especially for Easter. [..] Other information about: cheese recipes, bullet recipe, appetizer recipe, cheese appetizer

Calories pancakes 365 Delhaize

fluffy pancakes
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Calories rinsed with jam

fluffy pancakes
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Pancakes with spinach and ricotta

fluffy pancakes
Pancakes with spinach and ricotta are easy to prepare and very tasty. For these pancakes you can also use fresh cottage cheese. The pancakes are served as such, warm. On top you can sprinkle fresh basil or parsley. [..] Other information about: pancakes, spinach, recipes, ricotta, spinach pancakes

Calories panite fluffy slices multicrain Nutrizzia

fluffy pancakes
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

Special program from June 1 on Disney Channel and Disney Junior

Disney Channel and Disney Junior have prepared a lot of surprises for you, especially for June 1st.


The premiere of the special episode, Saturday, June 1, 2013 11:00

Finally, Jessie gets a chance in show business, in the special, double episode, entitled Jessie's Big Shot, which can be watched on Disney Channel, on Saturday, June 1, at 11:00.

Jessie is cast as a stuntman, voiced by successful Australian actress Shaylee Michaels (played by Maia Mitchell, star of the new Disney Channel Original film, Teen Beach). It's Jessie's big hit, and the two actresses are friends. But the situation worsens when the film's director, who is also Shaylee's friend, invites Jessie to town…

See what's happening in the premiere of the special episode Jessie's Big Hit on Saturday, June 1, at 11:00.


Special program, Saturday, June 1, and Sunday, June 2, from 10:00

Sofia, our special princess comes to Disney Junior on the first weekend of June, giving fans the chance to see Her Highness in a series of episodes of the series Sofia I, on June 1st and 2nd.

The series was launched last month, and now viewers can watch the episodes they missed in the three-episode series broadcast on Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00. In addition, you can watch the special movie Sofia I- Once Upon a Time, on Sunday, June 2, at 12:45.

Sofia is an ordinary girl from the land of Mystery, until her life changes forever when her mother marries the king. She is unexpectedly taken to live in the castle with her new family, including her half-brother, James, and her step-sister, Amber. While learning how to cope in the extraordinary world of the monarchy, she manages to make those around her feel special.

Don't miss the Sofia I weekend at Disney Junior, Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2, from 10:00


The launch of the second season, Monday, June 3, at 11:30

Minnie Mouse is one of the most popular Disney characters, and this month, little viewers have more opportunities to meet their favorite Disney Junior character.

First of all, on Monday, June 3, at 11:30, is the launch of season II of the Minnie’s Bow-Toons series, and until Friday, June 14, you will be able to watch new episodes every day, from Monday to Friday. Inspired by Minnie's Bow Shop episode of the Mickey Mouse Club series, this new animated series focuses on modern Minnie, in a variety of roles: from hostess, party organizer, fashion consultant to the tourist guide. She appears with some of her friends, such as Daisy Duck or the cow Clarabelle.

In the first episode of Season II, which launches on Monday, June 3, at 11:30 a.m. and is called Piano Movers And Shakers, Daisy Duck wins an award and is extremely excited when a piano is brought home, but the problem is that it does not fit on the door of the boutique. Once the problem is solved, another surprise awaits her…

Destroyed by fire, the ship gets a second chance

With a dangerous cargo, this cursed ship caught fire in 1912 and burned for several days until the sailors managed to control the flames. The fire destroys most of the ship and all the main installations.

During World War II, the ship was hit by a bomber during an exercise. The aircraft crashed over the ship and four pilots lost their lives.

And the hardships did not end, as a strong cyclone destroyed much of the ship in 1970. However, the basic skeleton also withstood one of the businessmen on Magnetic Island, where it still stands. wreck, tried to give it another mission and use it as a shield for the Picnic Bay dam. But the ship ran aground in Cockle Bay and could not be moved. It is still there, and its elegant silhouette can be seen when the waters of the bay recede.

Coconut rolled cake & # 8211 Lamington

Lamington coconut cake & # 8211 a fine top and a icing with butter and cocoa, abundantly covered with coconut. Lamington cake, or as it is known in our country & # 8222tavalita with coconut and chocolate & # 8221 or simply & # 8222tavalita & # 8221, is a cake of Australian origin, dating back over 100 years. She is considered an Australian culinary icon and was born out of the mistake of a maid of the Governor of Queensland, Lord Lamington.

The maid accidentally escaped the governor's favorite pandispan in a bowl of melted chocolate. Lord Lamington then proposed to her to wrap the pandispan in coconut so that it would not get dirty on her fingers. The cake was a great success and made history.

Going over the history of the cake reminds me of my childhood. In our family it was not done, but my mother often sent me with various documents to a gentleman who, I don't remember exactly, but I think he was doing some topographic measurements. I cycled 3 streets and took his documents. He lived in an old house with a high ceiling, an impressive library, a large piano in front of the window, which was an electric train that I think only started when I went to them. Also on the piano, on an embroidered napkin was always a plate with this cake rolled with coconut. I think the gentleman's wife prepares it non-stop!

They were both nice, I don't remember their name, they are more than 35 years old since then, they had no children and I was dear to them. They would bring me a chair and give me a saucer and I would eat the cake carefully, so as not to make crumbs on the floor in that impeccable house. It's as if I still have in front of my eyes the image of the train going, an old train, with a locomotive rendered with luxury details and a cake tray rolled next to it, and I see myself sitting on a chair, with a plate in my arms, julita forever on my knees, with braided tails eating with gusto.

I don't know if it was the house specialty or the lady made it for me when she knew I was coming to make sure I liked it, or if she only knew how to make this cake. What is certain is that every time I see her, I remember them.

The Romanian version of this rolled cake is with honey and local walnut & # 8211 recipe here.

I didn't very often make this extremely simple and good cake because I didn't like it in the variants I tasted later. Either the cocoa cream was with margarine and had a repulsive taste. Either the countertop was syrupy, it was full of baking powder or it was very dry. I started to look for information about the coconut rolled cake whose name in Romanian I admit I don't like at all. And I discovered the Australian origin and the multitude of recipes according to which it is cooked. I did not find any & # 8222original & # 8221 recipes regulated (as in Dobos cake) but in principle it is a pandispan with butter and a icing of chocolate syrup, wrapped in coconut. If there is still no original recipe, I allowed myself to remove that & # 8222self rising flour & # 8221, meaning flour with baking powder and use 000 flour without baking powder. It turned out the best coconut rolled cake & # 8211 Lamington which I ate.

Google fooled us again this year on April 1: What are the pranks of 2012

Google is known for its April 1st pranks, which began in 2000, and this year did not disappoint. Here's what Google fooled us with this year.

Google Street Roo

Google has announced it will release an army of more than 1,000 large red kangaroos, which will photograph up to 98% of Australia's forests over the next three years. That is, the company would have decided that the camera with a 360-degree angle, with which it takes images for the Street View service, be mounted on kangaroos.
Image search engine & # 8230subwater

The underwater search experience was conducted by Google China:

Google Weather Control

Google has added the weather control feature. If you don't like the weather,
you can change it in any region by selecting the desired temperature.
You can even give up rainfall! However, Google warns that
it will take about 45 minutes for the weather changes to take place