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PBJ Quesadilla

PBJ Quesadilla

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    • Prep 5min
    • Total10min
    • Servings1

    Okay, there is no cheese in this version of the quesadilla. But kids will love this delish take on the quesadilla.MORE+LESS-


    Updated August 4, 2016



    fajita-size tortilla

    peanut butter

    jelly, jam or preserves


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      Spread peanut butter on one half of the tortilla and jelly on the other. Fold over to sandwich it.

    • 2

      You can serve the quesadilla cold or heat it for about 3 minutes per side. If you heat it though, be sure to check the temperature of the jelly before serving.

    Nutrition Information

    No nutrition information available for this recipe

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