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Gisele Bündchen: Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins Are My 'Guilty Pleasure'

Gisele Bündchen: Dunkin' Donuts Munchkins Are My 'Guilty Pleasure'

How many Munchkins are equal to 1 doughnut?

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Supermodel Gisele Bünchden told WSJ magazine that she indulges in Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins as a guilty pleasure.

She may not eat tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, bell peppers, caffeine, or dairy, but supermodel Gisele Bündchen does eat Dunkin’ Donuts. Mrs. Tom Brady divulged to WSJ magazine for their April Style & Design issue that she enjoys the occasional Dunkin’ run along with her Massachusetts family. Bündchen mentioned that she especially enjoys the chain’s doughnut holes.

“Do you know those things called Munchkins?’’ Bündchen asked the interviewer. They’re so tiny…. It’s a guilty pleasure.”

Bündchen told WSJ that it has become a family tradition for both her and her husband to bring a box of Dunkin’ Donuts Munchkins to their son Benjamin’s hockey practices. Even though it may be hard to believe that the duo, who famously keep a strict diet, eat doughnuts of any size, toting Munchkins to practice has “become a thing,” said the Victoria’s Secret angel and mother of two.

The crazy thing is, in 2016 Bündchen’s husband told a Boston-based sports radio station that even though his team is sponsored by Dunkin’, he has never tried coffee. But it seems like 2018 is the year of new things for the Brady-Bündchen clan. Tom recently ate his first strawberry ever on The Late Show.

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